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Sustainable beauty


Is there a way to find the balance between thrive for new “rockstar” ingredients and letting the beauty of nature flourish undisturbed? 

In Alternative Plants we have an answer – yes, there is. Our efforts combined with the best current knowledge in plant biotechnology allowed us to develop a platform for the production of skin regenerating compounds in a fully eco-friendly way

From a little piece of plant, taken only once in nature, we produce a mass of plant stem cells. Moreover, modifications of growth conditions allow to increase the yields and biological activities of specific skin regenerating compounds.


Hidden treasures


Plants are a vital resource, they are used for food, industrial and medicinal purposes. However, despite their importance and wide applications, access to many of them is still limited.

Northern forests and meadows are hiding places of such natural treasures – plants producing effective skin protecting and regenerating substances. A considerable amount of active ingredients is inaccessible as plants producing them are impossible to cultivate, are difficult to gather in wild or are even endangered.

The option how to make new ingredients available without no cost to plant diversity and ecosystems is to multiply plant tissues and cells in a laboratory – the path we at Alternative Plants are going to make inaccessible accessible. 

Our Product

We are developing plant stem cell culture derived active ingredients for use in anti-ageing, skin protecting, anti-acne and skin whitening cosmetics. Chemical characterization and in vitro efficacy tests are our routine tasks aimed to provide ingredient excellence and ready-to-use efficacy claims to our customers. 

 We are working hard to provide a full package of chemical composition and efficacy testing data for our products soon – stay tuned and keep in touch to be the first to receive information about product launches.  


About us


Behind finding the treasures, bringing them to the lab and further to cosmetic industry stand people – our team. Individually bright personalities, together with a real power – passionate about the idea, dedicated to achieve excellence.

We at Alternative Plants have different backgrounds – plant biotechnology, cell and molecular biology. For more than seven years we have provided in vitro testing services to cosmetic manufacturers, helping them to find best natural ingredients, characterize them phytochemically and substantiate their efficacy claims. During those years we recognized resources that are inaccessible in a traditional way and it triggered us to start our journey to make natural treasures accessible and their production more sustainable.

Contact us, we will share the treasures we have found!

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