Our story

Cellular farmers dedicated to make botanical ingredient production sustainable at scale.

After more than 10 years of experience working with cosmetic and medical device industry in providing them testing and consultancy services, we clearly saw the need for more standardized, sustainably produced, effective and consistent botanical ingredients.

Since 2015 we are devoting our time, ideas and expertise to establish cell cultures from Nordic medicinal plants, extracting bioactive ingredients and characterizing their biological activities. Plant biotechnology is our tool to manufacture botanical ingredients more efficiently in an environmentally friendly way.

Core Team

Our team is a mix of plant biotechnologists, cell biologists and bioengineers, who share complementary skills and knowledge.

Anna Ramata-Stunda


With a solid foundation in cell biology and over a decade of experience in consulting and in vitro testing for the cosmetics industry, Anna leads as our CEO/CSO. She is the dynamic force spearheading product development, focusing on the safety and efficacy testing of our products. Anna's responsibilities extend to nurturing partnerships, managing investor relations, and safeguarding our intellectual property, ensuring a harmonious blend of scientific innovation and strategic business leadership.

Mārtiņš Borodušķis


A scientist at heart with an entrepreneur’s mindset, brings a rich background in biotechnology and bioprocess development to his role as our COO. With years of experience in commercial research and technology transfer, including insights from top WIPO experts, he is a cornerstone of our team. At the helm of operations, Mārtiņš is pivotal in ensuring the financial sustainability of our company, adeptly managing projects and administration. He also plays a key role in IP protection and oversees the coordination of our manufacturing processes, ensuring efficiency and innovation at every step.

Matīss Ričards Baumanis


Armed with a solid foundation in biotechnology and bioengineering, Matīss Ričards Baumanis excels in his role as our Chief Technology Officer. He is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the technical requirements for our production processes. Matīss plays a crucial role in the up-scaling of production and the ongoing development of new products. His expertise is also central to optimizing plant cell cultivation processes and overseeing the manufacturing of our unique cell biomass-derived ingredients, ensuring technological excellence and innovation in every aspect of our operations.

Kitija Paula Melnbārde

Sales Project Director

Combines her expertise in biotechnology and bioengineering to advance our global market presence. Her primary mission is to introduce our innovative ingredients to the world, establishing enduring partnerships that drive the cosmetics industry toward greater sustainability. Paula is at the forefront of our sales strategy, managing key customer relationships and ensuring our products not only meet but exceed market expectations. Her leadership in sales is instrumental in shaping a more sustainable future for cosmetics through our cutting-edge biotechnological solutions.

Jānis Lindermanis


At the helm of our business strategy and development, Jānis Lindermanis is instrumental in steering our company's growth trajectory. His profound understanding of market dynamics and knack for cultivating robust partnerships fuel our continuous expansion and success. Merging strategic foresight with hands-on business savvy, Jānis is the driving force behind our sustainable and progressive growth, ensuring our position at the forefront of the industry.

Madara Balode-Sausiņa

Quality Assurance Expert

Madara has evolved in her career and now leads as our Quality Manager, bringing her extensive experience in biotechnological manufacturing to the forefront. At Alternative Plants, she oversees all aspects of quality assurance, focusing on maintaining and enhancing our standards in line with ISO regulations. Her role is integral to ensuring the highest quality in our plant cell cultivation processes and the production of cell biomass-derived ingredients, underpinning our commitment to excellence in every product we deliver.

Laura Bunka

Biotechnology Specialist

Equipped with a solid grounding in biology and biomedical research, Laura contributes her expertise to our product manufacturing and development. Working in tandem with our biotechnologists and quality manager, she plays a crucial role in the cultivation of plant cells and the production of cell biomass-derived ingredients. Laura's diligence is integral to our commitment to quality control and the high standard of our innovative offerings.

Elza Kaktiņa

Senior Plant Biotechnologist

Rooted in a strong background in cell biology, Elza Kaktiņa is an integral part of our team as a Senior Plant Biotechnologist. She expertly coordinates the development and characterization of cell lines, playing a key role in the advancement of our biotechnological research. Elza's responsibilities extend to overseeing the manufacturing processes, ensuring they meet our high standards of efficiency and quality. She is also deeply involved in the scaling of production, contributing significantly to the optimization and enhancement of our biotechnological products and processes.

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