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Unlocking Nature’s Potential with Advanced Plant Stem Cell Technology

Unique technology

Plant stem cell technology

Unique technology


We take tiny samples from wild plants without killing them or grow plants in the laboratory from seeds

Plant in part

The specific part of the plant is selected for cell line establishment

Plant on solid medium

We find the best conditions to isolate and grow plant stem cells


Plant cell cultivation at large scale in bioreactors

Plant stem cell extracts

Plant stem cell extracts are mixtures of precious biologically active substances, which are thoroughly tested to fully characterise ingredient safety and efficacy

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To develop our product portfolio, make plant stem cell derived ingredients accessible and provide strong ready to use efficacy claims we have divided our R&D activities in several blocks:

Establishment of plant cell cultures.

Optimisation of cultivation conditions and elicitation of cultures to boost production of desired biologically active compounds.

Extraction and characterisation.

Finding optimal extraction conditions, characterisation of chemical composition and elucidation of biological activity of plant cell biomass derived extracts.

Establishment of plant cell cultures.

To boost efficiency of production process and make ingredients more accessible.

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