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Active cosmetic ingredients from plant stem cells

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The sources of plant cells are unique plants that are rare and difficult to source in nature using traditional techniques, mainly due to overexploitation of the natural resources. These plants are rich in biologically active compounds great for cosmetic formulations
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Through plant biotechnology we tackle the biggest challenges that cosmetic industry is facing today - the need for better standardised, sustainably produced, effective and consistent active botanical ingredients, including those from scarce difficult to farm plants.
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Alternative Plants team consists of experienced plant biotechnologists and cell biologists with more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetic industry.

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Unique technology

Plant stem cell technology


Less waterLess water
Less energyLess energy
Cruelty freeCruelty free
Scientifically proven performanceScientifically proven performance


No land exploitationNo land exploitation
No burden on biodiversityNo burden on biodiversity
No GMO's and nanoparticlesNo GMO's and nanoparticles
No aggressive preservativesNo aggressive preservatives
No artificial colorants and perfumesNo artificial colorants and perfumes
Unique technology


We take tiny samples from wild plants without killing them or grow plants in the laboratory from seeds

Plant in part

The specific part of the plant is selected for cell line establishment

Plant on solid medium

We find the best conditions to isolate and grow plant stem cells


Plant cell cultivation at large scale in bioreactors

Plant stem cell extracts

Plant stem cell extracts are mixtures of precious biologically active substances, which are thoroughly tested to fully characterise ingredient safety and efficacy

Why choose our ingredients?



biologically active ingredients from rare, endangered or hardly accessible plants using traditional techniques



invariable chemical composition and ingredient quality



scrupulous in vitro and dermatological testing for ready-to-use efficacy claims



environmentally friendly production approaching zero waste principles



cellular farming making botanical ingredients cost efficient and widely applicable

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