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Cellular farmers dedicated to make botanical ingredient production sustainable at scale.

After more than 10 years of experience working with cosmetic and medical device industry in providing them testing and consultancy services, we clearly saw the need for more standardized, sustainably produced, effective and consistent botanical ingredients.

Since 2015 we are devoting our time, ideas and expertise to establish cell cultures from Nordic medicinal plants, extracting bioactive ingredients and characterizing their biological activities. Plant biotechnology is our tool to manufacture botanical ingredients more efficiently in an environmentally friendly way.

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Core Team

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Our team is a mix of plant biotechnologists, cell biologists and bioengineers, who share complementary skills and knowledge.

CEO Anna Ramata-Stunda has background in cell biology and more than 10 years of experience in providing consulting and in vitro testing services to cosmetic industry. She is the main driving force behind product development, including testing of product safety and efficacy, responsible for partnerships, investor relations and IP protection.

CTO Mārtiņš Borodušķis has background in biotechnology and experience in bioprocess development. He coordinates product development and manufacturing processes as well as supervises sales process.

CSO Reinis Rutkis holds PhD in bioengineering and has comprehensive experience in development and scaling of biotechnological processes. In the company he leads production scaling and development of novel plant cell cultivation approaches.

Senior plant biotechnologist Elza Kaktiņa has background in cell biology, she coordinates cell line development and characterization, supervises manufacturing processes and is involved in production scaling.

Baiba Silamiķele is senior cell biologist with experience in mammalian and plant cell cultivation and in vitro testing. She is involved in new cell line development and characterization of biological activity of cell biomass derived ingredients.

Latest addition to our core team is Madara Balode. With previous working experience in biotechnological manufacturing, in Alternative Plants she is involved in plant cell cultivation processes, manufacturing of cell biomass derived ingredients and quality control.

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