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QuinCell is derived from biotechnologically cultivated cells of Chaenomeles japonica.

Extract contains a blend of anthocyanins and triterpenes.

Anthocyanins possess the following attributes:

  • Potent antioxidants;

  • Ability to absorb UVA/UVB, offering photoprotective properties;

  • Anti-inflammatory effects

Triterpenes, including ursolic acid, maslinic acid, asiatic acid, and amyrin, found in QuiCell, are renowned for their dual role in antioxidative activities and their capacity to mitigate inflammation induced by environmental stress.

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Photoaging, caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation, contributes to approximately 90% of the visible alterations observed in the skin. Not only does the skin's appearance undergo transformations, but its structure and functions also change with heightened cumulative UV exposure. UV light triggers oxidative stress, alters gene expression in skin cells, inducing inflammation and an upsurge in collagen-degrading enzymes. These cumulative effects lead to changes that prove challenging to reverse and can potentially lead to skin diseases.

Simultaneously, we are aware of the mood-boosting advantages of sunlight and are eager to enjoy it in a safe manner.

Anti-photoageing activity

Sun exposure is directly linked to the breakdown of collagen and the reduced collagen synthesis leading to extrinsic skin ageing and the formation of wrinkles.

In dermal fibroblasts already after 24h incubation QuinCell reduces production of collagen degrading enzyme MMP-1 in the same time boosting the synthesis of collagen.