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SilvaCell is a combination of extracts of Juniper stem cell extract consisting of strong antioxidants and potent antimicrobial compounds from lichens. SilvaCell can be effectively used as a natural alternative of harsh antimicrobials included in skin care products for acne prone, sensitive and inflamed skin.

High concentration of flavanols, tannins, terpenoids and their derivatives from Juniper stem cells together with organic acids from lichens contribute to specific biological activities. Procyanidin derivatives of different polymerization degree have been identified as main compounds.

SilvaCell acts towards various mechanisms of skin inflammation:

  • Inhibits growth of acne causing bacteria;

  • Modulates inflammation;

  • Reduces sebum production;

  • Neutralizes free radicals generated by inflammatory processes and extrinsic factors.

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Optimal combination of juniper stem cells an lichen extracts contributes to the high antiradical activity – more than 44% of free radicals are scavenged in skin keratinocytes in presence of low concentration SilvaCell. This activity is crucial to protect skin from UV and inflammation induced oxidative damages (in vitro study).

Antimicrobial activity