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Our focus is on Nordic plants that produce valuable skin health promoting compounds.
Unfortunately, many of those botanical resources are inaccessible, slowly growing or difficult to farm. Our technology provides access to such plant species.

Our technology allows us to obtain plant cell cultures from different parts of the plant, giving each culture a specific content of valuable botanical compounds.

Bioreactors allow us to grow plant suspension cultures at large scale under controlled semi-automated conditions in few weeks obtaining plant cell biomass harvest of several kilograms.

Plant cell suspension culture is the most effective and sustainable way to make the resulting botanical compunds more widely available, providing them with scalability and cost savings.

From wounded plant tissues placed on solid cultivation media piles of dedifferentiated cells are formed called calli. This is a valuable source for the extraction of bioactive botanical compounds.

Solvents and extraction procedures that are compatible with cosmetics regulations are used to generate high yields of bioactive compounds from callus and suspension cell cultures. Extraction conditions have been optimized and standardized to provide consistent quality and stability.

Plant cell biomass undergoes chemical characterisation and testing of biological activity. HPLC-MS and GC-MS analyses are performed to determine specific concentrations of chemical compounds in the extracts. Safety and biological activity is evaluated using in vitro skin cell or tissue based test systems. Additionally, in vivo safety and efficacy is evaluated in dermatological tests.

Safety and efficacy tests include:
Evaluation of antiradical, cell proliferation stimulating, collagen expression inducing and melanin formation regulating activity, as well as assessment of pro- and anti-angiogenic affects, and anti-microbial activity.

Set of tests is chosen for each of our ingredients to provide a full set of ready-to-use efficacy claims.


To develop our product portfolio, make plant stem cell derived ingredients accessible and provide strong ready to use efficacy claims we have divided our R&D activities in several blocks:

  • Establishment of plant cell cultures. Optimisation of cultivation conditions and elicitation of cultures to boost production of desired biologically active compounds.
  • Extraction and characterisation. Finding optimal extraction conditions, characterisation of chemical composition and elucidation of biological activity of plant cell biomass derived extracts.
  • Scaling of plant cell cultivation technologies to boost efficiency of production process and make ingredients more accessible.


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