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Our scientific expertise can help you not only in the initial stages of product development (e.g. set-up of product development plan, planning of in vitro and dermatological testing, risk evaluation) but also throughout the analysis of testing data and the creation of a compelling narrative for cosmetic ingredient or formulation.

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Literature and patent review

The review encompasses scientific literature and patents pertaining to the bioactivities and cosmetic, food, or medical applications of bioactive compounds derived from plants, algae, or fungi. The reviews are centred on one or multiple aspects, including biological activities and mechanisms of action, safety and toxicology, manufacturing techniques (such as extraction and purification), current applications, and future perspectives.

Consultations on efficacy claims and product positioning.

The reviews of in vitro and in vivo testing data, combining information from various studies to appropriately characterize efficacy. Crafting of the narrative based on verified bioactivities, providing a compelling story that reflects the demonstrated effectiveness.

Set-up of new product development plan

We offer help at the early stages of new product development, by identifying the critical steps in scaling and characterization. Service includes development of roadmap for active ingredient development.