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DragonCell is an extract derived from Nothern dragonhead (Dracocephalum ruyshiana) stem cells. It contains high concentration of phenolic substances. Among them >60% are caffeic acid derivatives, including rosmarinic acid and chlorogenic acid. These are well known antioxidants with beneficial biological activities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-rosacea.


  • Boosts proliferation of dermal and epidermal cells reversing skin ageing processes;

  • Inhibits activity of collagen degrading enzymes;

  • Protects skin from photoaging and environmental stress induced skin damages, maintaining skin cell viability and proliferation rate;

  • Has angiogenesis regulating activity.

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UV protective activity

DragonCell boosts capability of skin keratinocytes to resist UV light induced stress – after exposure to UVA/UVB viability of keratinocytes preincubated with 1%, DragonCell is 27% higher than control.

Anti-aging activity 

Reduces expression and secretion of collagen degrading enzyme MMP-1 protecting from photoaging and environmental stress induced collagen breakdown (in vitro test in dermal fibroblasts).