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In vitro hemolysisCytotoxicityIn vitro skin irritationPhototoxicity

In vitro safety testing is crucial for development of new products. It helps to generate product safety data as well as provides valuable information about safe concentration ranges to be used in further in vitro assays or dermatological tests. All in vitro safety assessment assays are performed in compliance with standard testing guidelines.

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Evaluation of cell viability in presence of test samples. Standard test performed accoding to OECD TG 129 in Balb/c 3T3 cell line. Other cell lines of interest (e.g keratinocytes, dermal fibroblasts) can be included in the test.

Cytotoxicity evaluation of biomaterials is performed according to ISO 10993-5 in L929 cell line.


Effects of test samples evaluated in vitro according to OECD TG 432 or TG 498.

In vitro Hemolysis

In vitro hemolytic activity of chemical compounds, extracts or biomaterials evaluated in human erythrocytes. Testing performed according to ISO 10993-4.

In vitro skin irritation

Testing of skin irritation in reconstructed human epidermis according to OECD TG 439.